Government of Karnataka
Hindu Religious Institutions & Charitable Endowments Department
Regional Commissioner, Mysore Division

Details of Tourist places arround the temple

Sl.No. Facilities
1 Near Kapila river, facilitates such as toilets and also dress changing room for ladies have been set up for the benefit of the devotees.
2 Near Kapila river, free cloak room facilitates have been set up for the devotees to keep their luggage in.
3 Pay & Use toilets have been set up near the huge Yogeshwara statue.
4 Free Cloak room facility has also been set up near the Kalyani for the benefit of the devotees who have come to visit the temple.
5 For the benefit of devotees coming from Mysore to Nanjangud K.S.R.T.C has provided the 5 buses (up and down).
6 K.S.R.T.C has provided a bus every 10 minutes, for the devotees coming to Nanjangud./td>
7 The temple and the surrounding area have been declared as a “Plastic Free” zone. Devotees are requested to cooperate, in this regard./td>
8 Devotees who are travelling by two wheelers or four wheelers are requested to park their vehicles in the parking place by paying parking fee.
9 Devotees can stay at the Sri Girija Kalyana Mandira / Dormitory / V.I.P Cottages by paying a nominal price and can get a receipt for the same.
10 For the security of the temple and as well as the devotees, there is a police outpost or police station near the temple.
11 Laddu prasada, Kallu Sakkare prasada, Kharjura (dates) prasada, Theertha Prasada and also Maha Prasada are sold both inside and outside the temple. Devotees can choose and buy prasada at any of these locations.
12 Inside the temple, the surroundings, the dormitory, the Dasoha Bhavan (place where the free meals are served), all have the facility of providing clean R.O drinking water for the devotees.


Temple will be open from Morning 6 AM to Evening 8:30 PM on Special Days, Sundays and Mondays.